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As we enter this strange world of the alien looking Corona virus floating around and affecting us all, we’re taking time out to bring you our thoughts, ideas and insights to our world at

I was a child of the sixties, so with the war ending just a mere 16 years before, I was brought up in a far simpler world. One without computers, the internet, speed cameras, road humps and certainly no mega sized supermarkets or a Big Mac.

It’s for that reason,  when my wife sent me out to do shopping I returned not with bundles of toilet rolls, sacks of pasta and all the other stuff of stockpiles. No, no,  I came home with a bag of plain flour and a bag of self raising flour, butter and a few other such things. “

Why!” she asked? Well, as a child of the sixties this all seemed somewhat reminiscent to me. So my thinking was, we now need to get back to cooking our own , cakes, cookies and anything else we, as cooks can get to grips with, just like mother did. A timeless idea, but mum’s always know best.

“Maybe” I said, “I should think about digging up the lawn, you know, like the digging for victory during the war. Just think, of all the veg we could grow”. That didn’t go down too well though.

To be honest, like many other people, I’ve lived through difficult times in the past.  Like the power cuts of the 70’s. But we’ve always managed to come through them, and most often, stronger and better than before. Sometimes, great things have even come out of such times.

So, as the world grinds to a what is fast becoming a sudden halt, this is a great time for us all to take a deep breath, reflect on loved ones past and care for loved ones present. Perhaps, share a moment, an idea, and a tip or two.

That’s what we’ll do here. Ramble on a bit, hopefully have a laugh and even show you some great ideas, tips and products.

Well best go now, bake a cookie or two…And a BIG thank you for checking us out...TTFN.

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