Griddle Pan 28cm Non-Stick Granite Stone Design


Perfect for “flash frying” foods such as steaks, fish, vegetables and more…

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This 28cm griddle pan is your kitchen must-have item. It’s perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and a whole range of other food types – and is particularly useful for “flash frying” foods such as steaks. As every chef knows, food not only has to taste good, but look good too, and with this great pan, the ridged bottom will help to create that striped cook effect. The Blackmore griddle pan is created from forged aluminum with a hi-tech non-stick coating the hybrid stone allows the heat to be conducted faster and as it states, it is completely non-stick. A  healthier way to cook with no oils or fats being needed when cooking and your food, which can still slide out of the pan if required. The pan is easy to clean and is fitted with a heat-resistant, soft-grip handle which is comfortable to use and also enhances both the design of the pan, as well as adding to its durability.



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